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Några artiklar från VISK:

Petterson S, Stenström TA, Ottoson J (2016). A theoretical approach to using faecal indicator data to model norovirus concentration in surface water for QMRA: Glomma River, Norway. Water Res 91: 31-37.

Microbial risk assessment of drinking water based on hydrodynamic modelling of pathogen concentrations in source water.
Sokolova E, Petterson SR, Dienus O, Nyström F, Lindgren PE, Pettersson TJ.

Variability in the recovery of a virus concentration procedure in water: Implications for QMRA.
Petterson S, Grøndahl-Rosado R, Nilsen V, Myrmel M, Robertson LJ.

A One Year Study on the Concentrations of Norovirus and Enteric Adenoviruses in Wastewater and A Surface Drinking Water Source in Norway.
Grøndahl-Rosado RC, Yarovitsyna E, Trettenes E, Myrmel M, Robertson LJ.


Poster – Reduced risk for waterborne virus infections for society despite climate change

Poster – Virological Survey of Surface waters in Norway



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